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Summer Reading

Fun prizes and Engaging activities through the summer

Tailored to suit all ages, the Richfield Library strives to keep kids reading through the summer with weekly prizes and exciting monthly activities.

token fed prize machines


Tickets, tokens, and stickers will be awarded for both reading or listening to books. Mini-prizes are awarded weekly.

Ages 11 or Younger:
100 minutes of listening/reading or 100 pages = token, ticket, or sticker

Ages 12+:
100 minutes of listening/reading = token, ticket, or sticker
(max 30 tickets per week)

Earn extra for every book read that matches the Theme-of-the-Week, for staying off screens, and for every six books checked out!

Grand Prizes

For details on grand reading prizes, please visit the library.

Pool Party!

Aug 13 @ 1:30 - 3pm

Kids who meet the summer reading challenge are welcome to join us at the Richfield Library POOL PARTY!

1000 minutes or pages (ages 0-11)
2000 minutes (ages 12+)

Cupcakes and drinks will be provided. Prize winners will be announced!

the richfield city pool